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Shoulder Treatment

First Treatment Questions

What happens during my first treatment?

The appointment will begin with a thorough health history intake.  Many questions will be asked regarding your current complaint as well as past medical history.

A thorough physical assessment is then performed allowing the practitioner to rule out major health concerns and ensure that treatment can be performed safely. 

Treatments are commenced with the written consent of the patient.

What do I wear to the treatment session?

It is advised that you wear, or  bring, comfortable clothing that permits movement and doesn't obstruct the ability to feel joint and tissue mobility during your Osteopathic Manual Therapy assessment and treatment.

  • shorts or athletic/yoga pants 

  • t-shirt or tank-top

Do you guarantee I'll get better?

A reduction of symptoms through treatment is always the goal however, there can be underlying causes of the condition/disorder that cannot be assesed or corrected with manual therapy.

How long will my first treatment be?

First treatment sessions are typically 60 minutes in length. This includes time for reviewing health history and conducting physical assessments and treatment.

Subsequent sessions are typically 60 minutes however, 45 minute sessions may be appropriate once symptoms improve.

Children’s treatment sessions are often shorter, 45 min in duration, but the length of the session is dependent on the individual and the primary complaints.

What should I expect to feel after treatment?

It is not uncommon to experience some soreness a day or two after your Osteopathic treatment. The soreness occures following the release of restricted joints and tissues.

Resting, drinking plenty of water and Epsom Salt baths have all been considered helpful in dealing with post-treatment soreness.

How do I pay and can I direct bill my health insurance?

Payment is collected at the end of the treatment session.


Credit, Debit and Cash (exact amounts) are accepted.

Osteopathic Manual Treatments are covered by many extended health benefits plans however direct billing is not available.

A receipt with the all the information required for Extended Health Benefits claims is e-mailed once payment is received.

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